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Is your website ideal for mobile?

Is your site easy to navigate on a Smartphone or other mobile devices?

Is the load time on your Smartphone fast enough?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, it is time to remodel your site to target Smartphone users.

Mobile Friendly Website

With the 20 million U.S users accessing Web from mobile phones, No business can afford not to provide customers with a seamless browsing experience. Mobile phones has completely changed the way we interact with information. It has become essential for small businesses to leverage new opportunities of a mobile browsing experience.

With a handheld device such as a Smartphone or tablet computer connected to a mobile network, access to the World Wide Web is referred as Mobile Website. In our day to day life, mobile usage is on peak. We can easily see all around people either chatting on phones or walking their heads down sliding their fingers across the little glass screen. Mobile web usage is accelerating day by day. So it is wise to go mobile along with website for gaining wide connectivity rather than being continuing with just the ordinary website. 

Though many smartphones can view newly designed websites, but your old desktop-ready websites would hardly meet the requirement. Today consumers are expecting more out of their mobile experience and hence it is need of time to get mobile versions of our website.

Benefits of opting for Mobile websites:

  • Collection of analytical information like page hits, unique visitors, callers, etc. is much simpler.
  • No worries about losing your work as there is a rollback feature available.
  • Increase your business's search engine rankings.
  • Convenient for visitors to search with the help of only a single click calling or email.
  • Option of staying connected anywhere and everywhere will be along, increasing your business, search engine listings and search engine rankings.
Points to be remembered when creating a Mobile Website

Keep it Fast:

Mobile users are often short on time. To help them, design your site to load fast and make easy to read.

Make it Easy to Access:

No matter what your site's objective is, your customers need to be able to do it with a virtual keyboard. Make it easy to buy something or contact you!

Make it Local:

Consumers look for local information on their mobile all the time-from locating the nearest gas station to finding an open pizza place. Include functionality that helps people find and get to you.

There are 5 billion mobile phone users and only 1.25 billion PC's in the world.

About half of all smart phone users are between the ages of 25-45.

It is true that the websites which have not been optimized for mobile viewing are too much messy and on the other side badly impact the ability of visitors to access information. So what are you waiting for?

249Website will provide you a smooth platform where we will create your own customized website especially for mobile phones which will be super fast and simple to use. 

Affordable mobile website design just starting at offer price $250 only for our customers is at your service. Addition to this at zero payment we will be showing you your website homepage absolutely free which you will be unable to reject. So without more thinking please Contact us for mobile version website design for your Standard website.

Why Mobile friendly website is significance
  • 20 million U.S. households no longer have a landline.
  • More Americans own a mobile phone than have a passport.
  • More kids know how to use a Smartphone than how to tie their shoes!
  • Mobile searches have grown by four times since 2010.
  • 60 % of user expect a mobile site to load in three seconds or less.
  • 58% would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site.
  • 95% of Smartphone users have searched for local information.
  • 90% of these people act within 24 hours.
  • 84% of people with smart phones use it to browse the web.
  • Facebook now has 200 million MOBILE users 
With the growing trend in mobile browsing, it is essential to discover ways to improve your web presence. Get in touch with us for further details for Mobile Friendly Websites.

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